The web site "VSRX" has published techniques for developing and publishing original OS, original application, original library, reference on each software and programming language."Based on existing technologies, there is a concept of creating new things that come out in science fiction movies etc."
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VSRX(Valkyrie Super Remixed Linux) is a 64 bit original OS developed based on Linux distribution "Ubuntu" LTS version.
Provision of development environment and execution environment for artificial intelligence program, provision of execution environment of Linux · Windows application, provision of software development · web development environment, provision of multimedia contents creation environment, advanced science technology · data science environment We are offering.
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64-bit OS "VSRX 17" is an OS that boldly tune up Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
The desktop environment consists of the window manager "Openbox", LXDE, Xfce, GNOME application, fbpanel, so the amount of memory used is reduced.

By adopting MuQSS for CPU scheduler, BFQ-SQ for I / O scheduler, installing custom kernel with kernel compression / expansion method set to LZ4, the response and start time of the system It is improving.
By introducing Mesa 17 as a graphics driver, it is also a feature that 3D graphics performance is higher than before.

Sound is directly connected to ALSA which is the sound driver of Linux, thereby achieving high sound quality and light weight. In addition, since Openbox's right-click menu has items for starting / stopping the sound servers "PulseAudio" and "Jack Audio Connection Kit", you can freely change the sound quality. We have introduced a mechanism called "Specific Site Browser(SSB)" that allows you to use popular web applications like desktop applications, so you can use web applications immediately.

It is fully equipped with applications familiar to Windows and Linux such as GIMP, Avidemux, Handbrake, Inkscape and Blender.
From the beginning it is possible to use programming · office document preparation · illustration · image editing · video encoding · moving picture editing · music reproduction · 3D modeling · online service. In addition, it is possible to use game emulation such as PSP · PS 2 (separate ROM · BIOS required) or Windows application.

Because it adopts VDAPU and VAAPI compatible driver, it can play movie with low CPU load with movie support function on SMPlayer + MPV + youtube-dl.
It shares it with Ubuntu's long-term support version (LTS) repository so we maintain the Main, Restricted components up to date with Ubuntu's official support. We are also introducing the latest version application from PPA.

VSRX kernel custamized Linux kernel achieves both improvement of system response and improvement of performance.
VSRX kernel 4.12 is based on the linux kernel source and applies Liquorix patch, Aufs patch, UKSM patch and Ubuntu patch, which improves performance and responsiveness.
Unlike the VSRX kernel 4.12, the VSRX kernel 4.11-rt is a real-time kernel. The VSRX Kernel 4.11-rt apply RT patch, Aufs patch, UKSM patch and Ubuntu patch.
Everything is finished in a kernel that can draw real-time nature with a different approach.
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It is a mechanism to activate the application from the right click menu, but it is also possible to launch the application using the command launcher "gmrun".

Viper Tools

Viper Tools
It is an original application developed in Python.
Added Artificial Intelligence for Ubuntu Linux Distribution, Adjust RAMDISK Amount of tmpfs, Forecasts such as Number Selectable Lottery, Image Enlargement and Animation SVG Creation, Lightening JPEG File, Converting to Movie Composed of AVC + MP3 It has functions and so on.
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spider.js & siren.css
The JavaScript library "spider.js" provides functions such as Ajax, DOM animation, and CSS animation.
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Test page
The CSS framework "siren.css" realizes page design using responsive design and CSS animation.
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I am publishing various web applications.
Processing ART
Super Database
The techniques of programming languages are summarized.
Ubuntu Hacks
Python Hack
Java Hack
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CSS Hack

I am publishing 2D fighting game using game engine and shooting game developed with Java + Processing.
M.U.G.E.N Full Game
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Shooting game developing with Processing and Java
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